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Mens Wedding Rings

Not long ago men didn’t wear wedding rings. The twentieth century saw men’s wedding rings becoming popular not only as an expression of love but also a symbol connoting the equity of the wedding vows that are being taken. And as men’s wedding rings become more popular, the choice of styles and designs grows as well. Once a simple gold band was all that a man wanted, but today, with not only traditional but contemporary designs and precious metals such as platinum and palladium, men have much more choice when it comes to the wedding ring they will wear.

Making the Right Choice

Orla James understands and is committed to helping you choose the right wedding ring as, above all, it symbolises your commitment to your partner. We work very hard to make the job of making the right choice as easy as possible. We understand that being a guy you probably don’t buy a great deal of jewellery, except for special occasions, so we’ve categorised all our rings as simply as possible. You just have to decide on the metal you want, then the style, design and size. We even offer a sample service which lets you try out your ring at home. Such a service lets you make absolutely certain you like the fit and design before committing to your purchase.

We offer everything from the simple gold wedding band to textured, patterned and two-toned wedding rings in a variety of metals including platinum, palladium and silver.

In order to make sure you have peace of mind and confidence in us, we offer a lifetime guarantee as part of the Orla James Promise so you know that whatever your choice, we’ll make sure you receive the best in both quality of product and customer service.


While you want to choose something that looks good on you, you will probably want to choose something that compliments the wedding ring you’re going to buy for your betrothed. It’s nice to have a wedding ring that is similar to your partner’s, as a similar style and design will not only show that you’re a true match, when you’re together, but also as a subtle reminder of your love.

Practical Considerations

Men’s wedding rings are naturally larger and wider than those for women. We offer a full range of all sizes so you can be sure that your ring is going to be comfortable. Our designs are made to compliment similar rings that we make for either sex, so if you’re looking for his and hers (or his and his) wedding rings, we guarantee your satisfaction.

Our Range of Rare and Precious Metals

You’re no doubt familiar with the traditional gold wedding band, a choice that will never go out of style but we here at Orla James hope to offer you a much wider selection of metals and styles.


This is one of the most rare and valuable metals, an increasingly popular choice for male wedding rings. It’s hypoallergenic and popular for its brilliant appearance. Platinum rings are heavier, purer, stronger and more prestigious than other wedding rings for men.

Orla James Platinum Wedding Ring


Palladium has similar lustrous properties to platinum. Men's palladium wedding rings are becoming increasingly popular because they are a cheaper alternative to platinum.


Gold is one of the most sought-after options thanks to it being the most traditional precious metal for wedding rings. Our gold options include rose gold, white gold and yellow gold. You can also choose between 9ct or 18ct gold depending on your budget.


When it comes to affordability, sterling silver wedding rings are always a very popular choice. Not only is silver is believed to represent purity, they are brightly reflective when polished. However, silver rings need to be polished on regular basis, as they are prone to tarnishing and scratches. However, as part of the Orla James Promise, polishing is a service we offer free of charge. 

Once you have chosen the metal you want your ring to be made of, you’ll also want to think about your wedding ring shape, size, width, finish and the detailing. Our free ring sizer, sample service and guide are here to help! If you have any questions about what Orla James do, just live chat or give us a call. We love to help!

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