His and Her's Matching Sets

Do you like things traditional?

Classic Court Ring

This is our comfiest ring profile available, and is also the most traditionally shaped band alongside the D-Shaped ring. These plain bands make the perfect matching set, without looking too masculine or feminine; therefore they are the perfect representation of the unity in your relationship. The ring widths displayed are 4.0 mm (left) and 6.0 mm (right).

His Ring Her Ring

Fancy something more unique?

Flat Court Ring, Grooved Edges, Polished Finish

These rings are a part of our patterned range, showcasing modern grooves that create a much more personal tone than a simple plain band, without steering too far away from traditional shapes and tones. The bandwidths shown in this image are 4.0 mm (left) and 6.0 mm (right).

His Ring Her Ring

Want something that sparkles?

Classic Court Ring, Milgrain Edges, Polished Finish

This set is perfect for the bride with the desire to match her wedding band. The twist ring is perfect for rings with round cut solitaire diamonds, as well as compass set and 6 claw engagement rings. This ring showcases little milgrain lines, which you can match with one of our classic court patterned rings, perfect for the groom to match his bride-to-be.

His Ring Her Ring