Georgina and Mark had been searching for a way to create their own unique wedding rings so when they found our Make Your Own Wedding Ring workshop they travelled down from London to take part. Georgina was looking to create a bespoke wedding ring which would fit perfectly around her very unusual antique engagement ring.

This style is called a Gimmal ( or Gimmel ) ring. This is where the ring is made in 2 separate pieces, each half was to be worn once the proposal had taken place by both the bride and bridegroom. During the wedding ceremony, the 2 pieces were then worn by the bride creating 1 ring linking together. This symbolises the 2 lives interlinking together. This style of ring was particularly popular during the Renaissance.

Gimmal ring

Georgina chose a D shaped 5mm18 carat yellow gold band which would be cut to shape, while Mark went for a D shaped 4mm 18ct yellow gold band. They started their workshop by using a flame to heat their chosen metal to make it pliable to work with, under careful guidance.

Metal heating

The couple enjoyed bending and hammering the metal into shape, watching their wedding rings take shape in front of their eyes as they worked.

Ring working

Once the rings were shaped, Georgina and Mark got to work soldering and filing their rings to make them neat and the perfect size for their fingers, with help and guidance from Giles our benchworker.


Georgina’s ring was then cut to shape to fit perfectly around her engagement ring. The finishing touch was to buff and polish both rings before sending them away to be officially hallmarked. But this wasn’t the end for Mark’s ring…

Engag and wed ring together

Mark wanted specialist engraving carried out, so his band was passed to a professional engraver, who achieved this unique, stunning design to match Georgina’s engagement ring.

Professional engraving

To make these bespoke wedding rings even more personal, Georgina and Mark made the most of our studio engraving machine to write personal messages on the inside of their rings for each other. The finished designs marked the perfect end to a very creative day.

Georgina and Marks rings