When choosing your wedding ring it’s no longer a case of just opting for a plain gold band, unless of course that’s the traditional style you are looking for. Nowadays there are many different styles and metals to choose from.

It’s important to talk through with your partner, what kind of rings you both have in mind and if you want them to be matching. You might also need to consider how your wedding band will fit with your engagement ring.

However, there are now so many styles and choices it can also become overwhelming so here is a quick guide to some of the wedding ring styles we can create for you here at Orla James Jewellery.

We offer a number of different patterned wedding bands which all start with a 4mm width as standard and can all be made from any precious metal of choice including platinum, palladium, silver and 9ct or 18ct gold of any colour.

We do also offer one ring which can be created as narrow as 2mm which makes a beautiful wedding ring for a bride, with a matching wider version for the groom. The classic court ring has milgrain edges for a modern look with timeless appeal.

Mix of milgrains

Milgrain lines can either be created on the edges of the ring or on the inner section, depending on the look you want to achieve and there are a number of different finishes available including mirrored or satin – all pictured here.

bevelled edge with mirror and brush finish

The difference between a mirrored finish and a brush finish can be seen clearly in this duo of rings giving a couple the opportunity to have matching styles but with a different overall effect, if they choose to.


Here you can see how a skinny 2mm milgrain edge ring for a bride pairs beautifully with a wider band width for the groom – both in the same metal and with the same finish applied to the rings.

In the pair below, you can see a totally different effect. Both rings have the milgrain bevelled edges however, these have a textured centre finish – there are many choices for creating this kind of finish including – mirror, brush, matt, hammered, matt hammered.

milgrain edges textured centre
Another option if you don’t want to go for the milgrain or bevelled edges is to opt for grooved rings. Grooves can be a single feature on a band, or if the band is wide enough you can have a twin groove.


Grooves can also be off centre, or centred and again, come in a variety of choices for the overall finish, in the same way as the milgrain rings do – hammered, mirrored, textured and more.

flat court and grooves
Here you can see a trio of classic court rings with grooved edges and a variety of different finishes. The key is choosing a look which you will treasure for as long as you wear it and which means something to you and your partner.

Classic court grooved edges

If you can’t decide which precious metal you most prefer your wedding band to be made from then there is also the option to go for a two-tone ring. These can only be created in a classic flat court or D-shaped ring but provide another way to make your wedding ring unique.

2 tone

As you can see from our images, there are many different options for the perfect wedding band with a whole variety of patterns, edges, finishes and metals to choose from and of course, you might want to create something unique.

We can always create bespoke pieces for you using a combination of the patterns and finishes which you can see here and can create unique matching rings for you and your partner which you can be confident no-one else will have.

Or, if you fancy a romantic weekend away down on the south coast then why not come and visit our studio and make your own wedding rings together in our workshop. We offer a full Make Your Own Ring package where we guide you through every step of the way.

We guarantee a fun and memorable experience for every couple and you can either make rings for each other for that added personal touch, or you can each make your own according to your own taste and style.

Every ring made in the workshop is sent away to be officially hallmarked and we can also offer engraving services to make them even more special and significant. Whether you want to create your own ring, have us build a bespoke one, or pick from our choice of designs we can guarantee you’ll fall in love with your Orla James ring.