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Palladium Shaped Wedding Rings for Women

Shaped wedding rings have become more and more popular among modern brides with unusual engagement ring styles, as they are designed with the intention to sit closely with engagement rings of various shapes to create a more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing fit on the finger. Whether you have a simple solitaire diamond engagement ring, or perhaps an intricately designed ring with multiple stones, we're sure that you'll find the perfect match for your already stunning ring in our shaped rings collection, without outshining your original ring.

Palladium was first used in fine jewellery in 1939, and since then it has become an increasingly popular precious metal choice among brides and grooms alike thanks to its hard-wearing nature and more modest price tag when compared to platinum.

Although palladium jewellery is more affordable than pure platinum, the quality of the metal is not compromised to reflect this. Palladium is actually whiter in colour than platinum, so is preferred by brides who want to dazzle their friends with a bright and shiny white ring. Because it is hardest and most scratch-resistant precious metal that we offer, it is unlikely that your palladium wedding ring will wear significantly even over a long period of time. However, included in the Orla James lifetime promise, we offer free professional cleaning and re-polishing of your ring for life to guarantee that it is stunning and vibrant forever.

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