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9ct Yellow Gold Womens Wedding Rings

Traditional Wedding Rings

The plain gold wedding band is by far the most traditional wedding ring design. Although today you can find an abundance of new, unique and unusual wedding ring designs the plain gold wedding band is the one which most people would recognise as a wedding ring. The difference between a womans and a mans wedding ring is simply down to who is wearing it. If a ring is worn by a woman then it is a woman's wedding ring. If a ring is worn by a man then that makes it a man's ring. But you will find some design differences wherein some men's rings use wider bands and maybe chunkier designs which tend to be more appealing to men and look good on larger hands and fingers.

9 Carat Yellow Gold

All gold used in making jewellery consists of pure gold mixed with other metals to provide durability and toughness. Sometimes other metals are added to the alloy to change the appearance of the gold, as in rose gold and white gold. The carat rating indicates how much pure gold there is in the alloy. 9 Carat gold contains 37.5% pure gold. This is exactly half the amount found in 18 carat gold. The big advantage is that this amount of pure gold makes 9 carat gold rings significantly more affordable than their 18 carat counterparts. The rings look almost identical, they are equally hard-wearing and all of the Orla James complementary services apply to all metal types.

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