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Patterned 18ct White Gold Wedding Rings

With the growth and development of the traditional wedding ceremony, there are certain aspects that people tend to deter from, and choose to add their own personal twists that add character and memorability, as opposed to keeping to the same methods that have been passed through hundreds of years.

The gold band is one of the most symbolic items of jewellery that you'll ever wear. They represent harmony and unity, and are exchanged between husband and wife. However nowadays, many people are coming to realise that after the big day is over, one of the only things to remain (besides your new found marital status) are the wedding rings.

With this in mind, many people feel the need to express themselves as opposed to sticking with the conventional wedding band. The patterned wedding ring is an increasingly popular choice amongst current brides and grooms. In a variety of textures, finishes and features, our patterned wedding rings offer you choice where others may lack.

One of our most popular rings is the heavy flat court band featuring bevelled, edges complete with a luxurious central satin finish. This ring showcases differential texture and shape to the conventional band without compromising the traditional values or defacing the overall appearance. This ring is also available in white gold, a modern and contemporary twist on the timeless yellow gold that people used to use. These features make this band the perfect ring for a matching set, which many of our customers have found.

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