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18ct Rose Gold Plain Wedding Rings

18 Carat Rose Gold Plain Wedding Bands

Rose gold is one of the most popular ring metals of today's modern jewellery industry. Buyers naturally fall in love with it's pinky-red tones that are rare in precious metals, and adopt it as a symbol of love and warmth that may not be seen in such materials as white or yellow gold, which tend to depict a much more metallic and cold tone.

Rose gold is an alloy of natural gold, meaning that it is not pure gold. Pure gold is not a material that is typically found in creating jewellery, as it is too soft to mould and craft to remain in a solid shape, so to create gold jewellery, manufacturer's will alloy gold with such traces as nickel to strengthen it and make it wearable. To create rose gold, alloys of copper are also included. An 18-carat rose gold wedding ring tends to be much more pink in hue than a 9-carat ring, as it contains less copper content which defines how dark the red tint would be.

Our rose gold rings are available in a variety of profiles. Such as flat and classic court, which both deliver unique types of comfort and definitive styles.

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