Wedding Ring Trends

The wedding ring has long represented our commitments and spousal binds. Traditionally worn on the left ring finger (unless you’re Eastern Orthodox), it is said the ring’s placement is based on an old belief that there exists a vein which begins at the 4th finger and connects directly to the heart. Whether it’s a simple wedding band, or the tattooed initials of one’s spouse, the tradition of the wedding ring has morphed over the years.

There is some proof that the tradition goes back as far as the ancient Egyptians, and was common practice in ancient Rome. During the Renaissance, Europe saw the rise of gimmal rings, which consisted of two separate loops that the betrothed would each wear until their wedding day. When the day arrived, the rings were combined into one to be worn by the woman, displaying her new status as a bride. The gimmal ring is also thought to be the early relative of the more dubious puzzle ring, said to have been given to brides to thwart any future affairs, as the ring would fall apart if removed from her finger, signaling to her husband some kind of impropriety. 

Wedding Ceremony - Exchanging RingsSwitching back to more pleasant connotations behind the wedding ring tradition, in which the bearers happily display their symbols of eternal love, it is interesting to note that today’s double ring ceremonies were not prevalent until only recently. It wasn’t until the first half of the 20th century that both parties took part in wearing a wedding band, and since then the tradition has grown to become the norm.

Having taken a glimpse at the wedding rings of the past, here are some of the trends we can look out for this year:

Delicate bands

These simple, sleek, and thin designs are making their way onto the scene and present very nicely if you’ve got a more laid-back, modern style. Glamour, glitz and bling not your thing? One of these tiny, shiny beauties may be for you.

Pear-shaped diamonds

Once tutted as out-of-fashion and out-of-date, these gorgeous, vintage designs are back on the scene and stronger than ever. Timeless classics with a modern twist, these beauties are even credited with helping to elongate fingers that may be on the shorter side.

Wooden bands

This intriguing trend tends to lean more towards the gents. Truly unique, if you’re looking for an interesting twist on an old tradition, a wooden wedding band may be right up your alley. These rings are lighter than their traditional counterparts and look cool, too. Not convinced a solid wooden band is for you, but dig the aesthetic? Consider a precious metal band with a wooden inlay instead.

Bi-color bands

Another trend more typical for the men, the bi-color band lends itself to a unique look without overdoing it. Like Neapolitan ice cream, these rings offer the wearer the chance to choose and create a ring with different materials and colors, giving an appearance of depth with a little dash of character.

Rose Gold Wedding RingRose gold

This golden-hued beauty is commanding the stage next to her traditional silver and gold-toned co-stars. Rose gold rings have a bit of a vintage appeal, harkening back to the romantic eras of the past.

Twisted rings

With or without a diamond to accentuate them, rings with a twist motif are another trend on the line. The interwoven precious metals symbolize the unique ties and commitments that marriage creates between two people whose lives have melded into one.


In an ever connected world, concerns over ethical sourcing of gems and precious metals are appearing on the forefront of many people’s minds as they make their wedding ring decisions. With the knowledge that certain gems and precious metals have been mined under sinister circumstances, many people today are verifying the sources of their rings, a practice which is likely to go from mere trend to commonality.


Much like the sentiment behind conflict-free jewels, the drive towards wedding rings made from recycled materials is guided by a desire to be socially minded and ecologically considerate. These ethical rings create a special kind of distinction for the wearer as they proudly don theirs, while knowing its footprint was quite small.

And there we have it, some of the trends we can expect to see for 2017! From the ancient Egyptians to our modern double ring ceremonies, the journey of the wedding ring has been long and enduring. Whether you’ve already taken part, or are looking for the perfect ring to mark your future, this iconic symbol undoubtedly has a role for you.