So the scholarship has now ended! Sorry if we were unable to reply to all the emails we didn’t expect such a high volume of response and simply did not have the staff on hand to reply to so many emails. Though i hope for those who did write one, you were able to enter. We are now reading through all our entries and will be picking our winner in the next couple of weeks. We will then ask the winners permission to announce them, so we may or may not publish a winner but either way we are very proud to be helping someone in their education. All the best to everyone who enquired or entered and i wish you a happy degree! We will likely do the scholarship again next year so please do look back around autumn next year.

Orla James is excited to be offering a Wedding scholarship for 2016/2017 to reward creativity for those in education. The scholarship applications are open to students of the UK, US, Australia and Canada which have been accepted onto a higher education course at a recognised institution. The scholarship winner will be awarded £900/$1200 towards their studies for the academic year of 2017.

Entry for the scholarship will require an essay of no more than 1000 words on any wedding topic of your choice, images can be included but must be relevant and depict the context of the piece. This purpose of the essay is to demonstrate your writing skills and creativity so make it as unique as possible. While the scholarship is open to people of any discipline, extra consideration will be given to those enrolling in English, creative writing, fashion or design degrees.

Applications are online only due to the international nature of the scholarship. We will not be taking into consideration academic achievement, however financial need may affect the final decision. The deadline for submission is 10th July 2017.


  • Late submissions will not be considered.
  • The winner will be required to validate their address through any form of legitimate documentation.
  • The scholarship is of a one time award of £900/$1200, currency dependant on location.
  • Applicants must be enrolled or due to be enrolled in a full time course.
  • Any questions regarding the scholarship please email

How to apply

Step 1: Write an essay on a wedding topic (up to 1000 words) which expresses your creative writing capability.

Step 2: Fill out the form below making sure to upload your written piece.

Step 3: Orla James will assess your entry and the information your provided in the form. The chosen winner of the scholarship will be announced on the 30th of July 2017.