Getting married is such an awesome event. And events take a lot of planning. Planning that would normally make a professional events organiser shudder. But it’s not like you’re on your own. As weddings get bigger and become more of an event than a simple ceremony in front of family and friends, there are more and more resources which provide a plethora of inspirational ideas that you can follow. If you’re stuck, stymied, and in need of direction, read on.


The Proposal

A wedding isn’t just about booking a venue and a caterer. There are so many things to take care of, even before you before you pop the question. First of all, there’s the ring and the proposal. They can be take place anywhere, they can be a huge surprise, or they can be simple and meaningful.

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Announcing Your Wedding? That Calls For A Party!

Now that you’ve got ideas on how to go about it, how do you let people know that you’re betrothed? Announcing your engagement is cause for a party, but putting the news out gives the first hint of what your theme is going to be. A well planned engagement announcement is the real first step on your journey down the aisle

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Wedding Dress

Wedding Weather: Getting Married Out Of Doors

If you’re getting married in the warmer months, an outdoor wedding could be what you’re looking for. Choose the right location and your al fresco ceremony and reception can be every bit as glamourous as one in a church, temple or glitzy hotel. Check out these inspirational links!

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Your Wedding Should Take The Cake

From traditional to contemporary, from romantic to weird, there are as many different cakes as there are couples getting married. If you like, you can still get the heavy fruitcake with marzipan and icing, but if you want something modern and unique, why not experiment with flavours, frostings, fillings and styles? (Just be careful who you order from, or your cake could be on the next Cake Wrecks blog!)

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Getting The Best From Your Dress

This area must generate more column inches than all the other wedding inspirations and guides put together: How to choose the right wedding dress for your body type. It’s an issue that also causes the most worry. You don’t buy wedding dresses very often so your experience of shopping for a flattering wedding dress, one that’s going to be photographed, with you in it, more times than you’ve ever been photographed before. So you better get it right!

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Wedding Dj

The Lowdown On Lingerie

Bridal lingerie isn’t just about a frilly garter or or lacy stockings. The right lingerie is an important part of the wedding trousseau. The right undies will flatter you and compliment the dress, be it puffy, strapless, or even backless.

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You Just Have To Choose The Shoes

As important as the dress, to many brides, are the shoes. Depending on your dress, not many people may even get to see them, but there are several things to consider: Where you’re getting married; will you be on your feet all day; do you want flats, kittens or longer heels? Decisions, decisions

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Your Wedding Budget

Weddings are undoubtedly the single most expensive event you’re ever going to try and organize. Cutting back on expenditure not only means that you save, it means making it perfectly personal too. Here we have a great range of DIY inspiration that, with a little practise, you can perfect to create a seamless, low cost wedding.

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Wedding Dj

Latest Asian Wedding Themes

We love all kinds of weddings, from a simple theme to a traditional white wedding, but there can’t be many weddings that are more opulent and colourful than the glorious traditions that have come over from India and Pakistan.

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Getting The Look And Feel For A Classical, Vintage Wedding

A classical wedding will never go out of style. We’ve been doing it this way for generations because everything just works. From the dress to the vows and the cake, you know what to expect and it’s going to be perfect.

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Making Your Quirky Wedding Go With A Bang

Weddings don’t have to stick to the old formula though. Instead, people want to make their wedding their own, and to do this, to celebrate their sense of humour and their passions, they choose to have a quirky wedding instead.

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How To Go About Choosing A Theme Of Your Own

Your theme should be something that’s personal to you as a couple. Choosing a theme should be easy, but of course it’s not. Sit down and think about what it is that defines you, what people think of when they picture you together.

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Getting Stationary Right, Perfect Invites, Thank-Yous Seating Plans And Menus

Your stationary is one of the first and most enduring mementos of your wedding that you friends and family will see, and getting it right helps set the entire scene.

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Picking Out The Right Wedding Gifts And Favours

Another detail which is easy to overlook until the last minute is the wedding favours that you give to each guest as a souvenir of the day, but what should you give your guests as favours to remember your day? Think of something that’s easily tied into theme and your decoration.

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Inspiration For Reception Venues

Everybody wants their reception venue to be perfect. No matter how grand or bijoux, with the right inspiration and know-how, you can make any venue perfect.

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Breaking The Ice At Your Wedding Reception

If you have large or widely spread out families, there’s a good chance that either side will never have met before, and you may even have cousins who will be meeting one-another for the first time at your wedding. We found tips that help people get to know one another in a fun and friendly way.

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The Powers Of Flowers

Almost as important and memorable as the dress: the flowers. You carry them, you wear them, the tables are decorated with them, they’re everywhere! Here’s inspiration on floral arrangements from the most technically accomplished to those that you can create at home.

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Small Will Always Be Beautiful

Small doesn’t necessarily mean ‘on a budget’. Treat your guests to an exclusive ceremony where everyone has their own very important part to play. A big wedding is not only expensive, it’s time consuming too, and if your guests have nothing to do for long stretches of time, they’ll get bored. Nobody wants to be remembered for a dull wedding!

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Fun Or Formal?

As well as being a serious commitment to one another, weddings should be enjoyable. Here are a few of our favourite inspirations on fun things to do at your wedding that will be entertaining without making your ceremony into a circus. (Unless that’s your theme, of course!)

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Bridal And Wedding Showers, Coming To A Wedding Near You

Bridal and wedding showers aren’t really a thing in the UK yet, but you can bet if they’re popular in the US, it won’t be long before they’re commonplace here too. There is a difference between a wedding shower and a bridal shower, in that during a wedding shower both partners to be are present. In a bridal shower it’s for ladies only.

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