Damien and Miranda won their whole wedding in a Runaway Bride competition, so they wanted something equally special and unique for their wedding rings. They approached us for a Make Your Own Wedding Ring workshop as Damien wanted to include some gold from his mother into his ring, while Miranda wanted an ornate band to fit with her engagement ring. They had a fantastic helper on the day, Miranda’s son James.

Miranda opted for a D shaped 3mm, band, which was to be set with six flush set diamonds and uniquely shaped to fit her engagement ring.

Damien chose a Classic court 9ct yellow gold 7mm band and asked for some gold from his mother to be incorporated into the ring. As the band is worn, the different gold will show through. The couple started the workshop by heating the ring metal to allow it to be shaped, before hammering it to look more like a ring.

The rings were then soldered using a flame, under the watchful eye of benchworker Giles.

This allowed the couple to make sure the rings were neatly in the right shape, before filing them down to ensure the rings are smooth and the right size.

Damien used specialist tools to buff the inside of the wedding band, to ensure it was smooth and perfectly shaped.

The rings were then hallmarked and James played a great part in the finalising of the rings by choosing the engravings for the inside of the bands. The end result is stunning.

“Giles has a wonderful way of explaining and demonstrating what we needed to do and not once did we feel unsure or too shy to ask. My son loved feeling like he could be a part of the process (even if it was just a small part) but that meant a lot to him. The final rings are absolutely amazing and really do bring a smile to our faces when we think of the love poured into the making of our wedding bands.”

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