Anna and Justin from Hertfordshire spotted one of our Facebook adverts just after they got engaged, and decided a wedding ring workshop where they could make each other’s rings would be a wonderful experience.

The couple made the most of their workshop by travelling down to spend some time enjoying the local area first, before heading over to us to get started on their rings. They both chose D-shaped white gold for their wedding bands, with Anna opting for a mirror polish while Justin went for a brush finish.

The workshop started with heating the gold to make it flexible, before the couple then worked to hammer and bend each other’s bands into the right shape.

As the rings start to look more like jewellery, the couple then got ready to solder the gold to make the perfect ring shapes, before then applying the flames carefully.

After soldering, Anna and Justin worked to shape the rings carefully and checked the size to make sure they were going to fit properly once finished.

Next, the couple worked together to file and buff the rings to make sure the solder line was smooth and invisible, and the bands were the right width.

To provide a nice smooth finish, the insides of the bands are then filed to remove any rough edges or areas before they are to be worn.

The couple took great delight in presenting their finished rings to each other at the end of the workshop before they were then sent off for hallmarking to complete the whole process.