Buying your wedding rings is one of the most fun things about arranging a wedding. Wedding rings are shiny, precious and beautiful, and the choice is often a lot simpler than the other choices you have to make, tricky stuff like choosing the colour of the bridesmaids dresses or deciding on the seating order at the reception, both fraught with potential nightmares!

So why not make the whole wedding ring buying thing even more of an adventure, and why not do it close to Brighton, the nation’s best-loved party city and a stone’s throw from our smart premises in Worthing?

make your own rings at Orla James

When you join us to make your own wedding rings, you enjoy a fascinating journey into the world of quality jewellery, and the result will be completely unique to you. Nobody else will have a fabulous wedding band quite like yours.

Why make your own wedding rings?

Making your own wedding rings is the ultimate in romance, working closely together to create items you’ll wear every day. Wedding jewellery that represents your feelings, the physical embodiment of your dedication to each other. You don’t even need to be a creative type. Just truly, madly and deeply in love, and prepared to enjoy a fresh new experience together.

Spend the day with us – An unusual romantic adventure

We could have made it an entirely practical process. But we’re talking love and romance here, and we think you deserve more than that! The result is a unique experience that’s all about you. Creating the rings that represent your feelings perfectly and adding an extra dimension to the wedding ring buying experience is magical for you, and for us it’s a real privilege. Talk about a happy job – it doesn’t get much happier than this! We love it, and so do our customers.

Make your own wedding rings workshop

First of all, you don’t need any jewellery-making experience to make your own wedding rings. Our experienced team makes it easy for you thanks to an exciting step-by-step process which takes place in our studio.

If you’d like to mark the event with photos, we can do that for you. You can make a ring for each other if you like, or each make your own ring. And you can get creative to make your rings truly personal. We’ll do everything we can to help you make your dream rings a reality. If you’d like to make a ring for your fiancée or fiancé as a surprise, we can arrange that as well. Just give us a call to discuss the details.

You’ll enjoy a luxury lunch plus a constant supply of hot drinks, and at the end of the day we’ll give you a bottle of bubbly to help you celebrate your hard work. Once you have finished your rings, we’ll send your rings off for hallmarking. Then we’ll deliver them to you, beautifully boxed, by special delivery post.

All this takes place a few miles from beautiul Brighton, the nation’s fun capital, a city stuffed with wonderful pubs, clubs, restaurants and cafes, with a splendid beach, amazing independent shopping on tap, and a host of exceptional boutique hotels to stay in.

Case Study – Katherine and Steve’s ring-making experience

“As soul mates, we like to do everything together. So when we found out we could actually make our own wedding rings, we were thrilled. I’d had a wedding ring design in mind for ages, since we first met – I knew straight away we were meant for each other. Steve felt the same, and he’d also been thinking about the style of ring that would suit him best, something he could wear at work as well as at home, something practical as well as good design.”

Preparation to make wedding rings.

“We had the most brilliant day at Orla James, great fun. The team were so lovely to us, they helped us through every stage and we were fascinated by the whole process. And lunch was delicious – we felt really spoiled. We were both absolutely chuffed to bits about the way our rings turned out, exactly as we’d imagined, and we couldn’t wait for them to be delivered, once they had been hallmarked.”

“We would recommend the experience to anyone getting married, it gave an extra dimension of romance to buying our wedding rings, much more fun than just going to an ordinary shop. Thanks to everyone at Orla James for making an already special time even more memorable.”

Need inspiration?

We’ll guide though every magical step of the ring-making process. By the end of the day you will have made your own one-off handmade wedding rings. The very act of creating something that represents your relationship gives you a genuine sense of achievement, creating long term memories as you work side by side. But what about the initial inspiration, the big idea behind your design? Where does that come from?

You might have a specific metal in mind, or a special gemstone you want to include, maybe a birthstone. Perhaps you share a joint interest that you’d like to somehow represent in ring form. You might have seen a design you love and want to make your own. Whatever you want, we’ll help you achieve it, and our high levels of technical expertise support everything you do.

If you’d like more details, here they are, including links to the cost, what to expect and handy FAQs. Or feel free to call us for an informal chat. We’re always happy to talk things through.